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Listening practice: Food and drinks

1. Listen and answer: What´s their favourite food? Escucha y responde. ¿Cuál es su comida favorita?

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2. Doing the shopping: Listen and take all the items you need to do the shopping at the supermarket. Quickly! You have 60 seconds. Tienes 60 segundos para realizar la compra. ¡Date prisa!

shopping list
3. Ordering food in a café: Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. Escucha atentamente la conversación y practica a continuación. Escúchalo tantas veces como quieras.
listening food
4. Video quiz: We are going to watch a video in which the characters are in a restaurante. After watching it, you can do an easy test to show all that you remember. Vamos a ver un vídeo que se desarrolla en un restaurante. Después de verlo demuestra todo lo que recuerdas a través de este sencillo test.
video quiz food


Christmas time! Listening practice

1. Click on each snowflake and listen: What is he talking about? Look at the shape, listen and click on the right answer.

2. Santa and Amy have a bag full of presents, but who are they for? 

Help Santa and Amy deliver the children’s presents in time for 


1. What´s the weather like in different countries? Listen and put the weather symbols into the correct country´s weather box.

2.  Listen the weather forescast and choose the correct answer.